AADL Code & Model Examples

Demo AADL Code to test OSATE 2

This simple AADL code can be used to create a model instance. Place the cursor somewhere inside the system implementation code, right click and select "Instantiate System". This will create a new file with the extension .aaxl2 that contains the instance:

PACKAGE demo_subsystem

SYSTEM subsystem_test
END subsystem_test;

-- place the mouse cursor somewhere starting here
SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION subsystem_test.impl
END subsystem_test.impl;
-- and ending here

DATA sensor_data
END sensor_data;

DATA command_data
END command_data;

PROCESS control_processing
END control_processing;

END demo_subsystem;

AADL control_processing demo code & model

This code is automatically generated with TOPCASED after the example presented here. The TOPCASED model file can be downloaded here.
Note: This code is not suitable for working with OSATE 2 because it does not contain a subsystem nor a subsystem implementation!

-- AADL2.0
-- (c)Ellidiss Technologies
-- 13Jan2012

PACKAGE demo_ctrl_processing

DATA sensor_data
END sensor_data;

DATA command_data
END command_data;

THREAD control_out
END control_out;

THREAD IMPLEMENTATION control_out.output_processing_01
END control_out.output_processing_01;

THREAD control_in
END control_in;

THREAD IMPLEMENTATION control_in.input_processing_01
END control_in.input_processing_01;

PROCESS control_processing
  input : IN DATA PORT demo_ctrl_processing::sensor_data;
  output : OUT DATA PORT demo_ctrl_processing::command_data;
END control_processing;

PROCESS IMPLEMENTATION control_processing.speed_control
  control_input : THREAD demo_ctrl_processing::control_in.input_processing_01;
  control_output : THREAD demo_ctrl_processing::control_out.output_processing_01;
END control_processing.speed_control;

END demo_ctrl_processing;

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